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This is a collection of resources reflecting the knowledge base in distance and online learning. We have identified five areas that capture the challenges you need to address in the transition to designing courses and teaching online. We have also summarized conclusions within these themes in design principles for an online course that you should consider.  

The latest addition to this resource is the tab (not yet in the English menu), In-depth (Fördjupningar), if you want to investigate further (only in Swedish at present). Here you can find, for example, short videos with practical tips on widening participation and accessibility. 

The PDF article Designprinciper och kvalitetsindikatorer för nätbaserat lärande (only in Swedish) gives a summary of the research, conclusions, design principles and quality indicators presented in this resource.  

Due to current legal uncertainty surrounding the use of many commonly used tools we have decided not to recommend any in particular. For the time being please contact IT support or your faculty’s educational technologists for recommendations.  

If you would like to add to this resource or have suggestions on content, please contact us at sektion.hogskolepedagogik@lnu.se 

Linda Reneland-Forsman, PhD 
Head, Section for higher education development 

Thematic guides

We have collected a number of themes concerning identified development areas and what can be achieved in an overview fashion.

Design principles

Learn more about general guidelines for designing web based education aiming at increasing student flow and goal achievment.