Interactive self study modules

Interactive self-study modules

Below you will find self-study modules linked to the five thematic areas in the Guide to Successful Course Design. The thematic areas are Independent and motivated students, Student-active teaching methods, Varied work methods (multimodality), Examination and assessment, and Supervision and feedback. The content of these modules addresses important aspects to consider when designing your course. The modules you find here have a special focus on online course design but also serve as general advice. These can be studied independently and do not need to be done sequentially.

Start by reviewing the introduction and then proceed to engage with the modules. If you have previously gone through the introduction, you can proceed directly to the content of the module. You do not need to engage with the modules in any particular order as they stand alone.

Action Plan

At the end of each module, there is a prompt for you to consider what you can do to develop your own course design and your own learning. There is a prepared template where you can gather your thoughts on the content of the modules and where you can formulate some points you can implement for the next course iteration. You will find the template last in the section Module Content.

A few small changes can have a significant effect. Invest at one end and achieve better throughput and a more reasonable workload at the other end. These modules are intended to be carried out independently, but by coordinating the work within a working group, the effect can be even greater.

M1 – Motiverade och självständiga studenter

English version coming soon.

M2 – Studentaktiv undervisningsdesign

English version coming soon.

M3 – Varied forms of work (multimodality)

In this module, we address how various forms of communication can be used to enhance learning.