Thematic guide

In order to evaluate or discuss successful teaching or educational quality we need evaluation criteria that focus on quality factors for courses and teaching. The basis for this is the requirements on the exercise of public authority as defined by Swedish higher education legislation. Other criteria are linked to the consequences of research in the field of online teaching and learning. Here we propose the following criteria for evaluation or as a complement to course evaluation: 

  • Examination data 
  • Learning support and student activity 
  • Scholarly design 
  • Course evaluation 
  • Accessibility aspects (widening participation) 

Planning your course 

A good start when planning an online course is to address the challenges that are included in the themes in this resource.  

  • Take the subject seriously. Start with the students’ need to understand the big picture (context).  
  • Align the course structure from choice of content to learning objectives, their assessment principles and examination forms.  
  • List and manage students’ expectations and misunderstandings.  
  • Clarify expectations using study guides and assessment principles.  
  • Get the students to commit to a task early in the course.  
  • Use different media when presenting information, explaining and examining.  
  • Discuss in your teacher team what type of learning culture you want to create in how you work and in the design of the course.  
  • Course design is teamwork, not a solo project.  
  • Harness and develop the power of social learning.  
  • Use formative assessment to promote learning. 
  • Design for challenges (realistic ones).  

Now you can choose the themes that interest you and you will find background and tips on how you can realise the changes you would like to make in your course design.